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Realmente el trato ha sido maravilloso, en una ocasión llamé a atención al cliente fuera de horario y atendieron mis dudas con mucha paciencia. El envío perfecto, hice compra el viernes y el lunes a primera hora de la mañana me lo entregaron en perfectas condiciones.
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polarizer Filters,Polarizer,Pl Filter Manufacturer 

Mainly we will use this filter to reduce the reflections of shiny surfaces such as the lenses of glasses in a portrait or the surface of water in a marine landscape, is used to give a little more contrast to the blue skies without changing the general colors in landscape.

This filter is adjustable and we will adjust it to the proper position to achieve the desired effect. It must be taken into account that it reduces somewhat the light of the scene to make the corresponding adjustments in the exposure.

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