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Buen trato, buena atención por parte de Raúl Rodríguez. Los productos llegaron correctamente y en poco tiempo. La atención telefónica es ágil, amable y precisa. Un único pero para la compañía distribuidora (correos): mi envío se demoró más de lo esperado y el envío de ustedes fue entregado a uno de mis vecinos en horario de mañana, justo lo que yo quería evitar.

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Photographic Academy 

Academia Duke Fotografía

Photography Academy in Las Palmas

In our shop we offer photographic courses of all levels. If you are interested in photography and you want to express your camera 100%, consult our programs of initiation to photography. We have workshops for all audiences and courses with outings to the outside and practices as the Workshop introduction to Astrophotography, a night out where we introduce you into this world of night photography.

We are specialists in video reports or advertising spots. Ask us about our rates.

Learn how to control the light in your photos

Getting the most out of your camera's flashes and controlling the light is a difficult but indispensable task for the professional photographer. Reserve your date and come to the compact flash lighting course we taught in September.

Photography studio rental

For all types of photographers, Duke Photography offers a studio rental service. Whether you are interested in an internship or a professional project, for 39€ an hour you can use the space and all the necessary material for the photo shoot.

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