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(Automatic translation) UNBEATABLE Duke service as on other occasions. But the delivery by CORREOS EXPRESS painful, both in the delivery period and in the telephone service ... leaves much to be desired.
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Chargers / Current Adapters 

With our batteries, whether they are those of our camera or other rechargeable batteries that we use for example with our camera or flash, we must use the right charger. This will extend the life and help ensure that its operation does not harm the camera or other accessories.

How to choose the best camera charger and accessories

We have available universal chargers that detect the type of battery used, and that make the charge in a correct way maintaining the appropriate voltage and temperature values.

For rechargeable batteries always charge more than one at a time so it is ideal to use chargers that allow us to charge the corresponding number of batteries to streamline our photo sessions.

Let nothing stop your activity

And if we move regularly or sporadically out of the country is important to know that we will not always have the same connection plugs, so it is good to do with a simple kit of adapters that allows us to recharge the batteries where we go.

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