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B + W 55 mm XS-Pro UV Haze MRC-Nano 010M Filter

B + W 55mm XS-Pro UV Haze MRC-Nano 010Mes filter A clear general purpose filter designed to absorb ultraviolet light and reduce the bluish tone of daylight. Apart from the reduction of unwanted blue tones, no additional color or contrast is created, and no exposure adjustments are required while using this filter. To avoid the internal phantom effect and reflexes while providing a light transmission greater than 99.8%, each glass surface includes several layers of reflective coating. This multidrug-resistant coating (MRC) also offers greater protection to the filter substrate and helps keep it clean for longer than with uncoated filters. The Nano coating associated with the XS-Pro filters provides an additional eighth layer over the MRC, resulting in an enhanced beading effect when in contact with water for greater cleaning efficiency. The B + W filters are made of Schott glass for greater optical clarity and color fidelity. This Filter features a thin brass filter ring to minimize the potential of vignetting while improving durability and interference prevention To further reduce the possibility of viñetear when this filter is in use, the outside diameter of the Filter ring is slightly larger than the actual thread size. This may prevent the use of some of the lens manufacturer's bayonet bells. This UV Haze Filter is also useful as a general protection filter for leaving lenses at all times. These filters help reduce dust and moisture so that they do not reach the front lens element and provide additional protection in case of falls or scratching situations. It Absorbs UV light and reduces the bluish tone of daylight. It Does Not require exposure adjustments while in use. Multicoated to avoid internal ghosts and reflections while providing more than 99.8% light transmission. The Nano coating provides an improved beading effect with water for more efficient cleaning. Does Not Create additional color or contrast. The General protection filter reduces dust, moisture and scratches when reaching the lens elements. Fine brass filter ring helps to prevent vignetting, jam and provides additional resistance. Plastic Box for storage and transport.


Type of UV Filter
Filter Factor 1 (+ 0-Stop)
Circle Shape
Circular Size 55 mm
Accessory Thread Front/Bayonet 55 mm
Glass Filter Material
Multi-Coated Coatings



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