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  • Scratch-resistant, shock-proof
  • Dustproof, glare-free
  • Light transmitter> 95%
  • Compatible for touch screens and rotary screens

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A guarantee in the most adverse circumstances

In general, one of the characteristics that is most valued when purchasing a sports camera or a video camera of these characteristics is its resistance. Not in vain, this is an article that will be used in the most disparate and extreme circumstances, receiving, in not a few cases, considerable blows. Therefore, to complete the functions of Rollei cameras is very useful to have a screen protector.

All-terrain protection

The screen protector is not a mere complement that you can add to your camera or camcorder only for aesthetic reasons or to slightly improve the protection of the article. On the contrary, the advanced technology used in the development of the protector allows to offer an exceptional hardness that resists even impacts of rocks or aquatic recordings with a remarkable depth.

Features of Rollei Screen Protector

Specially designed for Rollei articles, the Rollei Pro Display Protection is a protector that seeks to alter as little as possible the possibilities of the cameras. This means that its finish does not obstruct the vision of the camera or diminish the quality of photographs or recordings. At the same time, it has anti-reflective technology so that the flashes of light do not affect the results.

Great ease of use

The use of the Rollei Pro Display Protection in no way complicates the usual use of sports cameras. Its installation is very simple and its coupling mechanism ensures that it will not come off at any time, so your sports or recording routine will not change for it. If you want to gain security quickly and easily, this screen saver more than fulfills that task.



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