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(Automatic translation) It is a store specialized in photography and accessories. The online store is quite intuitive when it comes to moving around it, it is very well categorized by products and brands, which greatly facilitates navigation to search for products. On the other hand, telephone and email attention: in our case, we contacted them to see how to redeem the gift voucher that Duke contributed to the raffle during the iNight congress and of which we were winners. In a very short time, they verified that we were indeed the winners of the award, and they told us how we should proceed to make use of it, detailing the purchase process almost step by step and where we should enter the code assigned to the check to cash the discount of the same. To proceed with the purchase, it is necessary to initially register as a customer: the process is very simple and very fast. And of the delivery and shipping times to the peninsula, absolutely delighted with them. We placed the order on a Sunday afternoon, and within 48 hours we had the package in Madrid. In fact, it took us longer to get a chance to premiere it than Duke to send it to us. When we picked it up, in this case we found a package the size of a shoebox, protected to the teeth. After cutting the duct tape and removing it, we find the typical protective air bags that fill the gap not occupied by the lens case. In turn, we open it and we find another two layers of onion in the form of a plastic bag and bubble wrap to protect the objective before possible blows. Our general opinion is that Duke is and will be one of our benchmarks when looking for and buying photographic material: it has surprised us very positively at all levels. The only downside, and that has been due to personal and absolute clumsiness, is the schedule: the first time I called them to ask them, I forgot that they are in the Canary Islands and that since they are one hour less they had not yet opened !!!! But what I said, my fault for clumsy….

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