If you are a lover of photography, if you do it as entertainment or it is your professional activity, you will be familiar with the most popular brands of cameras.

Why buy a Canon reflex camera?

The reflex cameras are photographic cameras in which the photographer can see the image to be photographed by means of an optical viewfinder without there being a parallelism error of the Canon mark.

This is due to the fact that the light enters the camera through the lens, is reflected in a mirror and reaches the viewfinder. The reflex cameras have a very high precision in the framing, 100% in Canon reflex cameras of professional or advanced range.

Canon reflex cameras are designed for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals depending on the model selected. While Canon professional cameras offer the best performance and image quality, entry-level cameras allow those unfamiliar with reflex cameras to take quality photographs without difficulty and explore their creative potential.

Not sure which model to choose? At Duke Photography we have them all

When choosing a Canon Online SLR you have to take into account the level, the megapixels, the high definition video options, the screen, the focus points, whether or not it has wifi, the lens and all the features that are necessary. Know the Canon EOS system.

Cheap Canon reflex cameras from just over 306 euros as Canon EOS 1300D to the highest performance for professionals, different models for each level of photography at very good prices so you can choose the one that best suits you, your knowledge of reflex cameras and your needs.

Canon is a leading supplier in the market of digital cameras and digital SLR cameras, that's why we have in our catalog with a large selection of cameras of the brand that give you the features you need with maximum guarantees.

A camera for every level of experience:

Canon EOS 1300D, perfect for beginners

Canon 750D camera, advanced almost professional

The Canon 7D MKII, fast and focused

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