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New version Trigger Yongnuo Yongnuo YN-622c II for Canon includes 2 transceivers with TTL functions and high speed synchronization HSS. Capable of shooting at a distance of about 100 meters thanks to the 2.4Ghz radio connection. New features: Lockable shoe, USB to upgrade and new 560-RX mode.

Lockable Shoe: In this new version the yongnuo includes an improved lock that adjusts to the camera shoe with a simple twist on the lock tab, and this makes the yn622c II fit securely in the shoe.

- USB Input: In this new model of the YN622c II will allow to be updated to future firmware versions that the Yongnuo brand is publishing, which will allow to keep the device with new options and features in the future.

- 560-RX Mode: New communication mode that allows to fire the flashes mounted on the trigger yn-622c II from the triggers RF-603 II and RF-605, and is also compatible with the controller YN-560TX that in addition to allowing to fire the flash, will allow in manual mode to control the powers and zoom of the flash.

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With this yongnuo yn-622c II trigger for Canon you can remotely trigger your off-camera flash in manual mode and also in E-TTL mode, at a range of about 100 meters away, thanks to its 2.4Ghz radio frequency system.

This kit includes 2 transceiver units, this means that the device can work as a transmitter or as a receiver, the YN-622 is able to detect where it is placed at all times and act depending on where it is, as a transmitter or as a receiver.

Differences with Yongnuo trigger RF-602, RF-603 II and RF-605

Next we are going to see the main characteristics of the Yongnuo yn622 II together with the other trigger models.

It supports TTL synchronization, for automatic flashes, maintaining the automatic functions of the flash, that is to say the camera is able to transfer the data of adjustments and values with which it has to fire and to work the flash and everything remotely, besides it also allows to use it in manual mode as much with TTL flashes, as with manual flashes.

Synchronization at high speeds or HSS with shutter speed of up to 1/8000seg, this is very useful if we take photographs quickly to capture the moment without us leaving with sweeps, a very common example is for sports photography, if we want to capture a motorcycle and its rider, we need a rapid shooting speed so that we do not leave with sweep, with the HSS we get to freeze the shot. we have to bear in mind that the camera and flash have to support HSS technology so they can synchronize. in Proflash models for Canon that supports high speeds to synchronize. in Proflash models for Canon that supports high.

Different uses of Yongnuo YN-622 II

Next we are going to see the different uses that can be given to this trigger to get the most benefit.

Remote flash trigger: This is the most common use and for which we really use the trigger, and is to fire the flash remotely outside the camera, with the model yn-622 is very easy, we place a device in the shoe of the camera and the other device in the handheld flash. if you need to fire more than one flash for each flash you would need an extra trigger, or put the flash in slave mode, you can buy a unit of the device in the following link: YN-622c II Individual for Canon.

Remote trigger for studio flash: To use yn622 as a trigger for studio flashes we will need a Pc sync cable to Jack or mini Jack depending on which input has the flash you are going to use, or from Pc sync to Pc sync. This trigger has a pc sync output so if we use the aforementioned cable we can connect one of the devices to the flash via the cable and the other device to the shoe of the camera.



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