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  • 6 pounds (2.8kgs) payload
  • 360° swivel, tilt and swivel movement
  • Steering wheel for camera movement / focus / zoom
  • Digital focus and zoom for selected cameras
  • Optional optional support Follow Focus
  • Touch screen LCD Smart Panel
  • Angle motor arm
  • Feiyu ON iOS / Android Application
  • Manfrotto PL501 Compatible
  • Optional Supported Extension Rod

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Feiyutech AK2000 3-axis camera stabilizer

The Feiyu AK2000 3-axis cardan stabilizer offers a payload of 6 pounds and is designed with several advanced and distinctive features. it has a steering wheel on the side that allows you to control camera movement in gimbal selection operation modes, such as swivel and tilt modes; the steering wheel also allows you to digitally control focus and zoom with compatible cameras (see below); in addition, the steering wheel controls the optional motorized tracking accessory supported by the cardan; the AK2000 provides 360° swivel, swivel and swivel movement.

The AK2000 also has an angled motor arm, so there's nothing to block your camera's screen for framing and monitoring. The cardan also includes the complementary application Feiyu ON iOS / Android (free download) that allows you to adjust the settings and perform various actions remotely.

An optional Feiyu extension rod can be placed on the bottom of the cardan shaft handle so you can comfortably hold it with both hands to select certain types of shots.

Compatible cameras for digital focus control

The following cameras can be paired with the cardan via Wi-Fi for direct digital focus control from the cardan when using select lenses.


  • 80D

  • 6D Mark II

  • 6D

  • 200D

  • 5D Mark IV


  • GH4

  • DMC-LX100

  • DMC-LX10

  • DC-ZS70GK

  • DC-ZS220GK





  • DC-GF10KGK

Cameras compatible with digital zoom control

The following cameras can be paired with the cardan via Wi-Fi for direct digital in / out control from the cardan when using select lenses.


  • a7 III

  • a7S II

  • a7R

  • RX100 V

  • RX100 IV

  • RX100 VI

  • a5100

  • a6000

  • a6500

  • a6300

  • QX1


  • DMC-LX100

  • DMC-LX10

  • DC-ZS70GK

  • DC-ZS220GK


Multifunction steering wheel

The high-precision magnetic induction knob allows control of focus, zoom and camera movement in gimbal selection operation modes, including rotation and tilt modes.

Touch screen LCD Smart Panel

The low power LCD touch panel, in combination with the joystick and steering wheel, allows easy adjustment of all cardan configurations. Slides left/right to show different configuration options.

Angle motor arm

A bevel angle design avoids obstruction of the camera screen during shooting, allowing for better formulation and monitoring.

Manfrotto PL501 Compatible

The AK2000 is designed with a fixed mounting plate and comes with a quick-release plate. The fixed mounting plate also supports the Manfrotto PL501 quick-release plate for more flexible compatibility with tripods and other camera brackets.

High precision algorithms

The AK2000 features an M4 kernel MCU, a 0.02 ° high-precision magnetic coding sensor and a w5 generation control algorithm with a correction rate of 2000x per second, all added together to enable high-precision operation.

Dual module Wi-Fi + Bluetooth connection

The cardan can be connected via Wi-Fi to compatible devices to control photo/video capture, focus, zoom, sensitivity adjustment, white balance and exposure value, as well as to change modes. At the same time, the included Feiyu ON iOS/Android application can be connected to your camera via Bluetooth to configure other parameters.

12-hour battery life

Four included 18650 lithium polymer batteries (2200 mAh each) are installed in the handle to provide up to 12 hours of battery life.

USB expansion interface

A multifunction USB expansion interface allows you to charge the camera and accessories.

Pan mode

The direction of roll and tilt are fixed and the camera moves to the left/right according to the user's hand movements.

Tracking mode

The direction of the roll is fixed and the camera moves left/right, up/down, according to the user's hand movements.

Locking mode

The camera orientation is fixed.

All tracking mode

The three axes of the cardan follow the movements of the user's hand.

Auto-rotation mode

One of the selectable operating modes is an autorotation mode that allows you to assign a preset travel route for standard video capture as well as time lapse photography.

1/4" -20 mounting holes

A 1/4" -20 threaded mounting hole in the bottom of the handle allows the length of the cardan to be extended with an optional extension rod, as well as mounted to several other brackets. The cardan also offers 1/4" -20 threaded holes in the following accessory locations: on the top of the sliding arm of the tilt axis, on the front of the fixed plate, and on the tray motor.

Data sheet
Number of axles 3 axes (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)
Rotation range Yaw: 360 °
Pitch: 360 °
Roll: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Roll: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch: 360 ° Pitch
Load capacity 6 lbs / 2.72 kg
Ports 1 x Micro-B USB
Input 1 x 3.5 mm (Control) Input
Battery Type 4 x 18650
Capacity (mAh) 2200 mAh
Battery life 12 hours
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion polymer (LiPo)
Materials Aluminium
Mounting 4 x 1/4" -20 female thread
Weight 2.76 lb / 1.25 kg (without battery)


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Excelente estabilizador a precio contenido
Daniel G. on 08/04/2019 El Feiyutech AK2000 ofrece todo lo que necesito en un estabilizador. Bien construido y buenas sensaciones al usarlo. Funciones interesantes para timelapses.
Simon C. on 29/06/2019 Hasta ahora funciona pero es complicado de calibrarlo con la camara sony de 650 gramos, con la canon de 1 kilo imposible de calibrar, con la sony en ciertos movimientos, (lentos), vibra. Con camaras de poco peso se calibra bien pero no es cierto que sirva para camaras hasta de 2,8 kl.

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