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I Infrared Camera Remote Control for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Konica Minolta. With its embedded single-chip technology, it simulates multiple remote control coding, not only enables remote activation of camera shutter from a distance up to 8 meters, but also provides remote control of certain camera functions such as zoom out/in on certain cameras. Consutar compatibilidad en VER MAS DETALLE DEL PRODUCTO

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Compatible with:

CANON: G1, G2, G3, G5, G6, Pro1, Pro 90 IS, Pro 70, S60, S70, EOS 300D, EOS 350D, EOS 400D,EOS 450D, EOS 500D, EOS 30/33/30v, EOS50/55, EOS 100, EOS10, EOS 300V, EOS 300x,EOSIX, SURESHOT series.

NIKON: Coolpix 8400, Coolpix 8800, D40, D40x, D50, D70, D70s, D80, 8400, 8800, F55, F65, F75, N65, N75, Nuvis S, Lite Touch.

OLYMPUS: E1, E10, E20, E100RS, E300, E330, E500, E2100, E2500, E410, E510, Stylus 800, Stylus 500, Stylus 410, Stylus 400, Stylus 300, D40 Zoom, C8080 Wide Zoom, C770 Ultra Zoom, C750 Ultra Zoom, C730 Ultra Zoom, C7070 Wide Zoom, C7000 Ultra Zoom, C60 Zoom, C5060 Wide Zoom, C5050 Zoom, C5000 Zoom, C50 Zoom, C4040 Zoom, C3040 Wide Zoom, C3030 Zoom, C3000 Zoom, C2500L, C2100 Ultra Zoom, C2040 Zoom, C2020 Zoom, C2000 Zoom, 800 Digital, 500 Digital, 410 Digital, 400 Digital, 300 Digital.

PENTAX: K100D, K10D, K110D, *ist, *ist D, *ist DL, *ist DL2, *ist DS, *ist DS2, Optio 330, Optio 430, Optio 450, Optio 550, Optio 555, Optio 750z, Optio S, Optio S4, Optio S40, Optio S4i, Optio S50, Optio S5i, Optio S5n, Optio SV, ZX-L, MZ6, MZ-L.

SONY/KONICA MINOLTA: SONY Alpha 100, DiMAGE F100, DiMAGE F200, DiMAGE F300, DiMAGE A200, DiMAGE S414, DiMAGE S404, DiMAGE S304, Dynax/Maxxum 5 Date, Dynax/Maxxum 4 Date, Dynax/Maxxum 3(L) Date, Dynax/Maxxum 40, Dynax/Maxxum 50 Date, Dynax/Maxxum 60, Dynax/Maxxum 70, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 20, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 75W, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 125 Date, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 130, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 140(A), Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 150 Date, Riva/Freedom/Capios Zoom 160(A).

Alimentación 1 x CR 2025, 3V
Dimensiones 85mm x 32mm x 4mm
Peso 20g
Alcance 8 metros



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