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  • Compatible with NIKON EF mount
  • Made of high quality plastic.
  • It can operate with manual (MF) or auto (AF) focus.
  • Maximum diaphragm opening f/2.0
  • Minimum diaphragm opening f/22
  • Supports cameras with ASPC format and Full Frame format.
  • Capable of working in the camera's M/AV/TV/P modes and transferring exif data from the lens to the camera.
  • 7 lenses in 5 groups, with multi-coated lenses for higher image quality.
  • Diaphragm formed by 7 sheets to control the opening.
  • Lens diameter for use or ø 52mm parasols.
  • 46º of the maximum viewing angle.
  • Weight: 180 grams.

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Yongnuo YN-35mm F/2 Lens for NIKON DSLR Cameras - Auto Focus AF/MF

The Yongnuo 35 F/2.0 luminous lens is ideal for portrait photography thanks to the large aperture of the diaphragm you can get a good bokeh with this lens, can be mounted on DSLR cameras (reflex) ASPC and Full Frame cameras.

The Yongnuo YN-35mm use multi-coated lenses known as Multi-coated which improves light transmission through them, and improves the contrast of the photos.

The yn-35mm is a lens with autofocus selector, which you can turn on or off and make a manual focus for greater control in case of need, also includes metal contacts that can transmit EXIF data from the lens to the camera, so that it is recorded with what values have been taken the photographic shot.

4 Reasons to have a 35mm target on your team

Quality: These objectives to the being of fixed focal, and to include a smaller number of elements in its interior, it offers us a greater quality of the final image and a greater sharpness and in general they present very little distortion in comparison with other focal.

Brightness: Most reasonably priced lenses today do not have a diaphragm aperture greater than f/3.5, with 35mm lenses the aperture is much larger, so they work better in low-light situations, where we do not want to use a flash or cannot use it, and without having to abuse the ISO.

Depth of field: This spotlights to have large openings, has the ability to reduce the depth of field and get totally unfocused backgrounds. This is why the fixed 35mm, 50mm and 85mm spotlights are ideal for portrait photography.

Price: The 35mm lenses are generally economic objectives, when we talk about the f/2.0 opening versions and in this case Yongnuo as usual has better prices to the brand of the camera.

Data sheet
  • Brand: Yongnuo
  • Compatible with Nikon (EF mount)
  • Supports MF and AF focus.
  • Maximum opening f/2.0
  • Minimum opening f/19
  • Supports ASPC and Full Frames cameras.
  • Supports on camera M/AV/TV/P modes and EXIF data information on camera.
  • With Multi-Coated lenses (Best image quality). 7 lenses in 5 groups.
  • Minimum focusing distance at 25cm.
  • Diaphragm finished in 7 blades that controls the opening.
  • Diameter for filters or parasols ø 58mm
  • 54° maximum horizontal viewing angle
  • Diameter: 74mm
  • Length: 59mm
  • Weight: 180 grams


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Más rápido y llega antes de pedirlo
Daniel García Jacinto on 13/04/2019 Menos de 24h desde Gran Canaria a Tenerife, el obejtivo en si lo he probado poco pero por ahroa va de maravillas, no se que tal irá en un futuro un objetivo de esta marca, la cual no es nikkor o tamron etc.. pero se que si algo falla, Duke lo arregla sin pegas, los mejores. Por ahora todo va perfecto :)
Buen objetivo
Aarón Blanco on 11/01/2019 Objetivo correcto
Muy bien
Josué Hernández Romero on 06/04/2020 A los dos días ya tenía el producto en casa.
Eduardo Mesa Baena on 22/06/2018 Buen producto, calidad-precio.
Delfin García Seixa on 14/02/2019 Muy bueno
Yongnuo 35mm
JOSÉ CALDERÓN GONZÁLEZ on 08/03/2019 Me llegó correctamente el pedido. Todo perfecto. Estoy muy contento con la compra.
Dalma Szomor on 19/07/2019 El pedido llegado bien. 2 dia despues de pedido. Estoy recomiendo la tienda y seguramente volvere a comprar .

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