• 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Optical viewfinder with 9-point autofocus
  • Automatic intelligent scene mode
  • WI-FI / NFC connection
  • Creative filters during image playback
  • LCD fast control screen of 7.5 cm, approx 920,000 pixels.
  • EOS Cinematic Movie 1080p

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  • 24.1 megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • 9-point Auto-focus optical viewfinder
  • Automatic scene mode
  • Wi-FI/NFC connection
  • Creative filters during image playback
  • LCD Fast Control Screen 7.5 cm, approx 920,000 pixels.
  • EOS Movie 1080p film

Canon EOS 2000d Body

The Canon EOS 2000d is ideal as a first DSLR to create and share all your memories with a nice blur background. With the 24.1 megapixel EOS 2000d, you can easily take out detailed DSLR quality pictures and Full HD movie quality videos, even with low light. You share your photographs instantly and take pictures remotely with WiFi, NFC and the Canon Camera Connect app.
The 24.1 megapixel sensor of the EOS 2000d has up to 19x more surface than many smartphones, so you can capture stories with a nice blur background, even under poor lighting conditions. Create Live View images with creative Auto mode and add unique finishes with creative filters. Simply ' aim and shoot ' to have the best results with Scene Intelligent Auto. Capture spontaneous moments in Nice videos in Full HD or use Snapshot Video to capture the highlights of your day.
Capture the moment with a precise autofocus, 3 frames per second and DIGIC 4 +. Simply frame with the optical viewfinder and look at the results on the 7.5 cm LCD screen. Transfer your stories directly to your smartphone or tablet or share easily on social networks or make backups in the cloud with Irista.


The new megazoom
standard Expand your possibilities with this new high-performance

megazoom Experience unprecedented photographic possibilities with the latest optical technology This extremely versatile megazoom lens for digital SLR cameras with APS C sensor covers an enormous focal length range from 16 mm to 300 mm and, thanks to its short adjustment distance of only 39 cm, even macro photography is possible with the latest optical technology, such as newly designed aspherical elements and multiple-coated lenses for macro photography, as well as the latest optical technology, such as newly designed aspherical elements and multi-coated lenses for macro photography

details Focal length 16-300mm, aperture f/3.5-22
Frame for Canon Image
stabilizer Piezoelectric
motor Internal focus, macro: LD, ASF, XR, UXR
Compatible with 67mm

filters Tamron
brand Model B016E
Year of manufacture 2014 Product
weight 540 g
Product dimensions 99.5 x 7.5 x 8 cm
Product model number B016E
Product number B016E Product number B016E Other features Di II, Zoom, for SLR, APS-C, Low dispersion, Asphalt
Other features Di II, Zoom, for SLR, APS-C, Low dispersion, Asphalt Other features Di II, Zoom, for SLR, APS-C, Low dispersion, Asph

This filter absorbs UVB and UVC rays to give more clarity and sharpness to photographs with less halo, especially absorbs ultraviolet rays that often cause a haze in outdoor photography. Its constant use is recommended for lens protection.

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Filter size 62mm
  • 64GB Storage capacity
  • UHS-I/V30/U3/Class 10
  • Maximum reading Speed: 170 MB/S
  • Maximum write Speed: 90 MB/S
  • Minimum write Speed: 30 MB/S
  • Record Full HD, 3D and 4K video
  • Built-in write protection Switch

SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC

Designed for SD devices that can capture Full HD video, 3D and 4K, as well as RAW and Burst photography, the SanDisk 64GB SDXC Extreme PRO UHS-I memory card has a capacity of 64GB, it is compatible with the UHS-I bus and Count co N a speed class rating of V30, which guarantees a minimum write speed of 30 MB/S. If the device does not support the V30 standard, this card also supports the U3 standard, which also guarantees minimum write speeds of 30 MB/s. Read speeds of up to 170 MB/s and maximum write speeds of 90 MB/s are supported. An Integrated write-protection switch helps to safeguard accidental deletion of card data.

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Googlel Ads top margen
  • TAMRON shoulder bag blue
  • Padded shoulder bag to carry the reflex camera with zoom mounted.

Tamron C-1503 - camera cases (Holster, Black, Blue, 160 x 100 x 160 mm)

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