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He teaches: Sergio R. de Juan (HAWKERS, BERSHKA, POMPEII, MINI Spain, Heineken ...)

  • Course Description:
  •   Learn to reveal your photos quickly, elegantly and professionally with Adobe Lightroom.
  •   Get started in the world of digital development and study how to get the most out of your photographs with this 8-hour theoretical / practical course. Revealed in color, black and white, layered work, brush uses, gradients and many more techniques that will make your images, beautiful works of art.

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Workshop Program:
Theoretical / practical part
In this first part of the course the program will be as follows:
Course Introduction
 The software and its tools
Location of image panels and uses (Contrast, clarity, saturation, curves, levels, black and white, focus, lens profiles, etc ...)
Filter panels
 The concealer brush, clone buffer and gradients
Using the concealer brush
Using the clone buffer
Using the gradients
 File import, classification and export
    Importing photos correctly
                           RAW extensions
                           From RAW to DNG
How to classify our work in Lightroom
Types of export in Lightroom according to purpose and supports of our work
Applying our watermark in batch
   Theoretical / practical part

In this second part of the course the program will be as follows:
o Revealing a color RAW image + Exporting for printing
  Zone settings
  Sharpness adjustments / extra detail
o Revealing a black and white RAW image + Exporting for WEB format
  Black and white lighting
  Black and white colorimetry
  Black and white zone settings
  Sharpness adjustments / extra details
o Revealing a RAW image with predesigned filters + Exporting for RRSS
  Correct filter selection
  Lighting modification
  Colorimetry Modification
  Zone settings
  Sharpness adjustments / extra details
o Revealing an HDR image
  File Selection
  Layer Compilation
  Modifying the image
  Exporting the image

Recommended material for this course:
 Own laptop with Adobe Lightroom previously installed
 Pendrive or external hard drive



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