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La calidad de esta cámara no la tengo que repetir, pero hacer una inversión así tiene que ser en un comercio de confianza, y este fue elegido también por eso, además de por tener la mejor oferta encontrada para este conjunto. Contento con la compra realizada.



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Photography courses and workshops

Consult our selection of courses and workshops that we have in our Photographic Academy. We put at your disposal our more than 40 years of experience to enjoy this hobby or specialize professionally.

Theoretical and practical classes in our studio

Start your passion with our teachers in the basic introductory course to photography that we teach in morning and afternoon shifts. Make the most of your camera, learn to use all the controls and programs of your reflex.

Learn how to develop and edit your images

With our RAW and Photoshop developing course you'll learn the basics to get the most out of your images and print them in the best way through RAW developing. Master the basic Photoshop commands to fix small imperfections in your portraits or achieve spectacular effects in your panoramas.

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