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EAN: 5025232940080

  • 24.2 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor
  • ISO range 100 - 51200 (expandable to 204,800)
  • 4K 60p / 50p 4: 2: 0 10-bit Internal (4: 2: 2 - External)
  • Slow motion Full HD 180 fps
  • 14+ steps of dynamic range
  • 6.5 steps of dual image stabilization
  • 96 MP JPEG in high resolution mode
  • V-Log / V-Gamut compatibility
  • Live compositing mode
  • Dust and splash resistant construction
  • Optimized heat dispersion

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LUMIX S5 with 20-60mm F3.5-5.6 S Series lens

Introducing the Panasonic LUMIX S5, a full-frame mirrorless hybrid camera that offers exceptional performance for photographers and videographers alike. The camera features a 24.2 megapixel full-frame CMOS image sensor, over 14 stops of dynamic range for exceptional image clarity, as well as delivering low-noise images in low light conditions even at the maximum ISO of 51,200.
In addition to its impressive photographic capabilities, the Panasonic Lumix S5 offers exceptional video performance. Can capture 4K video up to 60p / 50p 4: 2: 0 internally (4: 2: 2 - External), as well as FHD 180fps Slow-motion for a multitude of creative videos, uses and offers V-log to provide even greater creator control in post-production.
Dual 24.2 MP native ISO sensor
The camera features a 35mm 24.2 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that offers wide dynamic range and high-sensitivity performance. The LUMIX S5 also achieves a maximum ISO 51200 of crisp, high-sensitivity video with the adoption of Dual Native ISO technology.
Exceptional video performance
The Panasonic S5 offers exceptional video performance, making it a serious choice for content creators and independent videographers. 4K video can be captured in 60p / 50p 4: 2: 0 10-bit and 4K 30p / 25p 4: 2: 2 10-bit internal recording for up to 30 minutes, as well as 4K 30p / 25p 4: 2: 0 internal recording 8-bit with no time limit.
The camera has slow and fast modes that give the user even more options for creative video ideas. You can capture 4K images ranging from 1-60 fps (30x fast to 2.5x slow) or if you are using FHD, 1-180 fps (60x fast to 7.5x slow).
Other video features include time-lapse, a live composite mode, and a 6K PHOTO mode.
Not only does the camera capture stunning images, it also allows for greater control in post-production. The LUMIX S5 offers over 14 stops of dynamic range to accurately reproduce everything from dark to bright areas, as well as offering V-Log for color grading on post.
Our own Craig Pitts tells us about the video capabilities of the Panasonic LUMIX S5 in the video below.
6.5 steps of dual image stabilization
The LUMIX S5 offers 5.5 stops of built-in stabilization, but when combined with a LUMIX S lens it increases up to 6.5 stops of dual image stabilization. This allows you to shoot in low-light situations at lower shutter speeds or achieve smooth video footage in hand without the use of a gimbal.
Perfect for low light situations
The LUMIX S5 boasts a wide dynamic range and reproduces sharp images with exceptional clarity. Noise is minimized even when shooting at a maximum sensitivity of ISO 51200, making it an ideal camera to use in low-light situations.
The LUMIX S5 features dual native ISO sensitivity, a technology that was first introduced to Panasonic's VariCam range of professional cinema cameras. Typically, noise increases as sensitivity increases with a single native ISO image sensor. However, the S5's dual native ISO image sensor minimizes noise generation by choosing an optimal circuit to use based on sensitivity before gain processing. As a result, it enables a maximum ISO 51200 high-sensitivity recording. Dual native ISO offers filmmakers a greater variety of artistic options, as well as the ability to use less light on set, saving time. The LUMIX S5's dual native ISOs are 640 and 4000. * 1
Taking full advantage of its high-resolution sensor, the LUMIX S5 provides a high-resolution mode that faithfully reproduces fine details for saving as beautiful, highly realistic images not only in RAW but also in JPEG. Eight consecutive images are taken automatically while the sensor is changed using the Body IS (Image Stabilizer) mechanism and synthesized into a 96 megapixel equivalent image (12,000 x 8,000 pixels) by the Venus Engine, which features high signal processing. speed. This superb high-resolution photo is ideal for landscape photography of still subjects or fine art with fine detail using a tripod. However, it can also be used in situations where moving subjects are included in the scene by changing the sub mode.
High-speed, high-precision enhanced AF
The LUMIX S5 also features enhanced high-speed, high-precision AF in both still photography and video recording made possible by advanced deep learning technology that offers real-time subject detection,

Montura del lente Leica L
Formato de cámara Fotograma completo (factor de recorte 1x)
Pixeles Real: 25,28 megapíxeles
Efectivo: 24,2 megapíxeles
Resolución Máxima 6000 x 4000
Relación de aspecto 1: 1, 2: 1, 3: 2, 4: 3, 16: 9, 65:24
Tipo de sensor CMOS
Tamaño del sensor 35,6 x 23,8 milímetros
Formato de archivo de imagen JPEG, sin procesar
Profundidad de bits 14 bits
Estabilización de imagen Cambio de sensor, 5 ejes
Control de exposicion
Sensibilidad ISO Automático, 100 a 51200 (extendido: 50 a 204800)
Velocidad de obturación Obturador mecánico
1/8000 a 60 segundos
0 a 30 minutos en modo bombilla
Obturador de cortina frontal electrónico
1/2000 a 60 segundos
0 a 30 minutos
Obturador electrónico
1/8000 a 60 segundos
0 a 60 segundos en modo bombilla
1/16000 a 1 / 25 segundos en modo película
Método de medición Media ponderada al centro, ponderada por resaltes, multizona, múltiple, puntual
Modos de exposición Prioridad de apertura, Manual, Programa, Prioridad de obturador
Compensación de exposición -5 a +5 EV (pasos de 1/3 EV)
Rango de medición 0 a 18 EV
Balance de blancos Automático, Nublado, Temperatura de color, Luz del día, Flash, Incandescente, Sombra, Conjunto de blancos
Disparo continuo Obturador mecánico
Hasta 7 fps a 24,2 MP para hasta 24 fotogramas (Raw) / 999 fotogramas (JPEG)
Obturador electrónico
Hasta 7 fps a 24,2 MP para hasta 24 fotogramas (Raw) / 999 fotogramas (JPEG)
Hasta 30 fps a 18 MP
Hasta 60 fps a 8 MP
Hasta 30 fps a 8 MP
Grabación a intervalos si
Autodisparador Retraso de 2/10 segundos
Modos de grabación H.264 / MOV 4: 2: 2
UHD 4K de 10 bits (3840 x 2160) a 23,976p / 25p / 29,97p [150 Mb / s]
Full HD (1920 x 1080) a 23,976p / 25p / 29,97p / 50p / 59,94p [100 Mb / s]
4K anamórfico (3328 x 2496) a 23,976p / 25p / 29,97p [150 Mb / s]
H.264 / MOV 4: 2: 0
UHD 4K de 8 bits (3840 x 2160 ) a 23,976p / 25p / 29,97p / 50p / 59,94p [100 a 150 Mb / s]
Full HD (1920 x 1080) a 23,976p / 25p / 29,97p / 50p / 59,94p [100 Mb / s]
4K Anamórfico (3328 x 2496) a 23,976p / 25p / 29,97p / 50p [100 a 150 Mb / s]
H.265 / MOV 4: 2: 0
UHD 4K de 10 bits (3840 x 2160) a 50p / 59,94p [200 Mb / s]
4K anamórfico (3328 x 2496) a 50p [200 Mb / s]
H.265 / MP4 4: 2: 0
UHD de 10 bits 4K (3840 x 2160) a 23.976p / 25p / 29.97p / 50p / 59,94p [72 a 100 Mb / s]
H.264 / MP4 4: 2: 0 de 8 bits
UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) a 23,976p / 25p / 29,97p [100 Mb / s]
Full HD (1920 x 1080) a 23,976p / 25p / 29,97p / 50p / 59,94p / 100p / 119,88p / 180p [20 a 28 Mb / s]
Modos de grabación externa 4: 2: 2
UHD 4K de 10 bits (3840 x 2160) hasta 50p / 59,94p
Límite de grabación Hasta 30 minutos para UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) a 50p / 59.94p
Ilimitado para UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) a 23.976p / 25p / 29.97p
Codificación de video NTSC / PAL
Grabación de audio
Entrada de micrófono externo para micrófono incorporado (estéreo)
Formato de archivo de audio AAC, PCM lineal
Tipo de enfoque Enfoque automático y manual
Modo de enfoque AF de servo continuo (C), enfoque manual (M), AF de servo único (S)
Puntos de enfoque automático Detección de contraste: 225
Sensibilidad de enfoque automático -6 a +20 EV
Visor y monitor
Tipo de visor Electrónico (OLED)
Resolución del visor 2,360,000 puntos
Punto de vista del visor 20 mm
Cobertura del visor 100%
Ampliación del visor Aprox. 0,74 veces
Ajuste de dioptrías -4 a +4
Tamaño del monitor 3 "
Resolución del monitor 1.840.000 puntos
Tipo de monitor LCD con pantalla táctil articulada
Construido en un instante No
Modos de flash Automático, Automático / Reducción de ojos rojos, Activado forzado, Activado forzado / Reducción de ojos rojos, Desactivado, Sincronización lenta, Sincronización lenta / Reducción de ojos rojos
Velocidad máxima de sincronización 1/250 segundo
Compensación de flash -3 a +3 EV (pasos de 1/3 EV)
Sistema de flash dedicado TTL
Conexión de flash externo Zapata caliente
Ranura para tarjeta de memoria Ranura 1: SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-II)
Ranura 2: SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I)
Conectividad USB tipo C (USB 3.1), HDMI D (micro), Micrófono de 3,5 mm, Auriculares de 3,5 mm, Sub-Mini de 2,5 mm
Wi-Fi Bluetooth
Temperatura de funcionamiento 32 a 104 ° F / 0 a 40 ° C
Humedad de funcionamiento 10 a 80%
atería 1 x DMW-BLK22 Recargable de iones de litio, 2200 V CC, 7,2 mAh (aprox.440 disparos)
Dimensiones (An x Al x Pr) 5.22 x 3.82 x 3.22 "/ 132.6 x 97.1 x 81.9 mm
Peso 1,57 lb / 714 g (cuerpo con batería y memoria)
1,39 lb / 630 g (solo cuerpo)
Kit de lentes
Longitud focal 20 a 60 mm
Apertura máxima f / 3,5 a 5,6
Apertura mínima f / 22
Punto de vista 94 ° a 40 °
Ampliación máxima 0.43x
Distancia mínima de enfoque 5.91 "/ 15 cm
Diseño óptico 11 elementos en 9 grupos
Cuchillas de diafragma 9, redondeado
Tipo de enfoque Autoenfoque
Estabilización de imagen No
Tamaño de filtro 67 mm (delantero)
Dimensiones (ø x L) 3,05 x 3,43 "/ 77,4 x 87,2 mm
Peso 12,35 onzas / 350 g


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