Prismático profesional Navigator 7x50 K con brújula

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The professional, value for money marine binocular

ZoomAs a watersports enthusiast, you place great emphasis on the quality and reliability of your equipment. STEINER has therefore developed the Navigator 7x50 for all impassioned charterers, hobby skippers as well as crew members. The Navigator 7x50 possesses all the characteristics that a professional marine binocular needs. It is not only extremely rugged and guaranteed to be water-pressure proof down to a depth of 2 meters.

It is also equipped with STEINER High-Contrast-Optics for any situation. This ensures brightest, crispy clear images in low light and maximum high-contrast in bright sunlight conditions or rough weather. With illuminated compass and the added comfort of the STEINER Sports-Auto-Focus. No need to constantly refocus: enjoy the fact that you can adjust for your vision once and enjoy sharp viewing for ever, in any situation even at varying or rapidly changing distances.

The shock-absorbing Makrolon® fibre reinforced polycarbonate body with slip-proof tough rubber armour makes the Navigator 7x50 K a reliable companion. The nitrogen pressure filling by a two-way-valve technology for a fog-free performance round out the excellent performance.

HD-stabilized Precision Compass
The largest available, extremely stabilized HD-compass ever to be fitted in binoculars. The size of the compass guarantees most accurate bearings. Giving you just that little bit of extra safety on the high seas. Fluid damping and illumination make it possible to fix your position under any extreme condition imaginable.
Available for Commander xp 7x50 K: this precision reticle makes it possible to calculate size or distance absolutely precise. For Navigator 7x50 K, a bearing mark for easy reading is integrated.

Si resides en Gran Canaria, la tramitación tarda de 2 a 3 días una vez entregada toda la documentación requerida.

Si resides en otra isla o en la Península, puedes solicitar la financiación por e-mail a indicando el producto a financiar, tipo de financiación deseada y enviando la documentación requerida por correo electrónico o fax 928265285. Suele tardar de 4 a 5 días en concederse.

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